• Working together to reduce offending and keep communities safe in Wales

    Integrated Offender Management Cymru aims to deliver a coordinated approach to the management of individuals who have been jointly identified as a priority by partners. It aligns the work of public, private and voluntary sector agencies to target resources effectively towards these groups.

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Integrated Offender Management (IOM) Cymru provides a framework at national, regional and local levels for partners to work together to jointly develop strategies and interventions to reduce crime and reoffending by enhancing risk management and rehabilitation.

Initially targeting persistent and prolific offending, IOM Cymru has supported partners in extending IOM arrangements in Wales to include a focus on women, ex-Armed Services Personnel and those who present a high risk of harm. Plans to further extend these arrangements to other shared priority areas are currently being implemented.

Key Achievements

Since being launched the IOM Cymru partnership has:

  • Established multi-agency local delivery schemes across Wales, which coordinate and manage partnership activity in the management of priority groups of offenders
  • Developed and implemented the Women’s Pathfinder Whole System Approach model across five pilot sites in Wales, with around 600 women engaged at any one time, and over 1400 women successfully diverted away from the criminal justice system since the programme launched in 2014 
  • Improved support for young people transitioning into the adult justice system with all being placed into multi-agency IOM Cymru teams
  • Developed and implemented the ‘Wales Integrated Serious and Dangerous Offender Management’ (WISDOM) programme to ensure a collaborative, integrated approach to reducing the risk of serious harm posed by high risk of harm offender groups, including domestic violence perpetrators, across 5 pilot sites in Wales
  • Developed and implemented the ‘Supporting Transition of Military Personnel’ (SToMP) programme to coordinate support for ex-Armed Service Personnel who come into contact with the criminal justice system in Wales, ensuring best deployment of resources and good practice is shared across Wales and beyond 
  • Established a dedicated centralised project team created to support the IOM Cymru partnership in the ongoing development of policy, strategy and integrated delivery models

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