Our Work

The projects which make up the IOM Cymru programme of work align with the shared priorities of partners as identified in the ‘Wales Reducing Reoffending Strategy 2014-2016’ and the ‘Framework to support positive change in those at risk of offending 2018-2023’.

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  • High Risk of Reoffending

    The initial focus of the IOM Cymru partnership involved the development of multi-agency local delivery schemes across Wales, which have allowed partners to work together to manage some of the most challenging and persistent offenders causing harm to local communities.

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  • Ex-Armed Service Personnel

    Phase 2 of the Supporting Transition of Military Personnel (SToMP) project concluded on 31 March 2021, marking the end of what has been a successful four years for the project. Formed in 2016, the project’s primary goals were to design, implement and embed as business as usual a consistent whole-system approach to identifying and supporting ex-Armed Services Personnel across Wales, from arrest to their exit from the criminal justice system; and to seek to prevent ex-Armed Services Personnel from entering the criminal justice system in the first place.

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  • Women’s Pathfinder

    The Women’s Pathfinder initiative was established in 2013, led by HMPPS in Wales and the four Police and Crime Commissioners and Police Forces in Wales, with support from Welsh Government and a wide range of other partners, including female-focused third sector agencies including Newport Women’s Aid, Safer Wales, North Wales Women’s Centre, Include and Gwalia.

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    Wales Integrated Serious and Dangerous Offender Management (WISDOM)

    WISDOM is financed by the Police Transformation Fund, which supports projects aimed at transforming policing. It facilitates innovative projects which seek to develop and test new tactics and capabilities aimed at addressing the changing nature of crime and demand on police and partner organisations.

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  • BAME

    Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic

    This is a collaborative project, bringing together key agencies with the aim of improving relationships between Criminal Justice System agencies and BAME offenders in order to encourage reform and increase trust in the system. It will improve support for BAME offenders in the community, particularly with young offenders and care leavers; and ensure the needs of BAME offenders are recognised, understood and met at all stages of the criminal justice process.

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  • Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

    This work aims to increase the provision of effective, evidence-based services for those at risk of committing VAWDASV related offences. It champions the development of communication processes and the sharing of best practice between providers of VAWDASV perpetrator services in Wales, while aiming to inform a shared understanding of 'what works' in preventing offending and reducing reoffending for VAWDASV perpetrators.

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  • Reportable Incidents

    The Reportable Incidents model has been developed to support enhanced risk management decisions through the regular sharing of key information between partners involved in offender management work.

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  • Offender's Families

    The purpose of this project is to develop and enhance systems to ensure those in prison are able to maintain the key relationships that will support and improve their rehabilitation; to provide appropriate support to those affected by having a family member in prison and to reduce the adverse impact that can be experienced by offender families both at the time of imprisonment and beyond. It will explore routes in which positive and appropriate support to the offender and to the family of the offender can be provided.

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  • Young Adults and Care Leavers

    In order to improve outcomes and reduce offending for care leavers this workstream aims to bring together key agencies to improve the identification and recording of young adults and care leavers at all stages of the Criminal Justice System, increase the collective understanding of this group, and identify provision for appropriate interventions and support.

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