IOM Cymru has established a clear governance structure to support strong partnership working at a Wales-wide, regional and local level, with links between each level to ensure a coordinated approach to the development and delivery of offender management approaches.

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All Wales Criminal Justice Board

The All Wales Criminal Justice Board brings together relevant Welsh Government departments and partners to develop policy and strategy aimed at reducing reoffending and crime across Wales, and is the overarching body that has responsibility for the delivery of IOM Cymru. It supports the IOM Cymru Board to deliver IOM and holds it to account for achieving agreed performance outcomes. The priorities of the All Wales Criminal Justice Board are to:

  • Reduce crime - prevent crime, deter first time offenders and reduce the number of victims of crime
  • Reduce reoffending – to stop offending in the first place and stop offenders committing further offences
  • Protect the Public – to reduce the risk of serious further offending 
  • Accountability – strengthen joint working with devolved and non devolved services in order to reduce reoffending

The All Wales Criminal Justice Board primarily delivers the objectives of the ‘Framework to support positive change for those at risk of offending 2018-2023’ through the IOM Cymru governance arrangements and its programme of work. 

IOM Cymru Board

The IOM Cymru Board reports to the All Wales Criminal Justice Board and is led by HMPPS in Wales and the National Police Chiefs’ Council, with representation from a wide range of criminal and social justice partners, including the Welsh Government. It has responsibility for supporting and facilitating the coordinated development and delivery of IOM across Wales, including oversight of the IOM Cymru programme of work.

Wales Reducing Reoffending Pathways Group

The Wales Reducing Reoffending Pathways Group brings together Welsh Government policy leads, HMPPS in Wales and other key partners, and was established in recognition that whilst criminal justice is not devolved, many of the pathways out of offending are devolved to Welsh Government. The group provides advice to the IOM Cymru Board on Welsh Government policy related matters, aiming to support reduced reoffending through closer alignment and integration between criminal and community justice policy and delivery.

IOM Cymru Programme Management Board

The IOM Cymru Programme Management Board holds responsibility for overseeing the development and delivery of the IOM Cymru programme of work on behalf of the IOM Cymru Board. 

IOM Cymru Regional Groups

Four IOM Cymru Regional Groups, established in line with the police force areas in Wales, are each accountable to the IOM Cymru Board for the consistent and effective delivery of IOM arrangements across all local IOM operations within their region. A key responsibility of the Regional Groups is to develop and agree Regional Delivery Plans, ensuring alignment with the ‘Framework to Support Positive Change for those at Risk of Reoffending in Wales 2018-2023’ and key priorities identified by the local Community Safety Partnerships.

IOM Cymru Local Strategic Steering Groups

IOM Cymru Local Strategic Steering Groups are responsible for the local delivery of IOM arrangements and report to the appropriate IOM Cymru Regional Group. They are jointly led by police and/or probation providers in partnership with a wide range of criminal and social justice agencies. These groups ensure clear links are established with local Community Safety Partnerships and Public Services Boards in order to identify local needs and priorities, and ensure these are reflected and addressed in local operational delivery arrangements. Through these links they support Community Safety Partnerships to develop a coherent strategy and delivery structure to fulfil their duty to reduce reoffending.

Other groups which form part of the IOM Cymru governance structure include:

Senior Responsible Owners

The IOM Cymru Board appoints Senior Responsible Owners who are held to account for the effective initiation, development and delivery of individual projects and work streams they are given responsibility for. These projects and work streams reflect the priorities of the IOM Cymru partnership, and include the partnership’s response to the priority areas identified in the ‘Framework to support positive change for those at risk of offending in Wales 2018-2023’. Further information on these projects/workstreams can be found here.

IOM Cymru Delivery Group

The IOM Cymru Delivery Group provides practitioners across Wales involved in the operational delivery of IOM with the opportunity to share learning and good practice; discuss operational issues and challenges impacting upon local practice; and support the embedding of national and local IOM policy and practice developments.

Integrated Research, Analytics and Performance (IRAP)

IOM Cymru has established Integrated Research Analytics and Performance (IRAP), which brings together researchers, analysts and data managers with leading academics to undertake research/analysis on behalf of the IOM Cymru partnership. Specifically, IRAP aims to improve understanding of the profile of offenders in Wales, including the crime, re-offending and needs profile of priority offender cohorts; support IOM partners to adopt evidence-based practice in the targeting and delivery of interventions; and evidence outcomes in relation to reducing re-offending and other performance measures, as agreed by IOM Cymru partners. 

IRAP benefits from shared access to data and expertise from HMPPS in Wales, the National Probation Service and Wales CRC, Welsh Government, the four Police Forces in Wales, Youth Justice Board Cymru, and local Universities through the Welsh Centre for Crime and Social Justice.