Offender's Families

The purpose of this project is to develop and enhance systems to ensure those in prison are able to maintain the key relationships that will support and improve their rehabilitation; to provide appropriate support to those affected by having a family member in prison and to reduce the adverse impact that can be experienced by offender families both at the time of imprisonment and beyond. It will explore routes in which positive and appropriate support to the offender and to the family of the offender can be provided.

Research shows that a strong and supportive family and close relationships are considered essential in helping offenders to stop committing crime, and engaging with families of those within the criminal justice system is not just positive for the offender, but also for the family. Parental imprisonment is a predictor of adverse outcomes, including mental health difficulties and inter-generational offending for children. Parenting plays a central role in relation to positive outcomes for children. Specific consideration will be given to children and young people to ensure that Adverse Childhood Experiences as a result of contact with the criminal justice system are reduced and eliminated wherever possible.