Young Adults and Care Leavers

In order to improve outcomes and reduce offending for care leavers this workstream aims to bring together key agencies to improve the identification and recording of young adults and care leavers at all stages of the Criminal Justice System, increase the collective understanding of this group, and identify provision for appropriate interventions and support.

Research shows a disproportionate number of care leavers in the Criminal Justice System. This overrepresentation demonstrates a need to develop innovative and collaborative approaches to understand and address why there is such disproportionate representation in this group.

It is known that many care leavers have experienced a range of difficulties that place them at higher risk of offending and it is recognised that the transition into adulthood for many young people leaving care is often compressed and accelerated, placing them at increased vulnerability, which in turn can lead to a range of negative outcomes. 

This project will ensure that all staff in the Criminal Justice System who work with young adults and care leavers are fully equipped with appropriate skills and qualities to work effectively with these groups in an informed way.